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Sault Phillip Island

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Salt of the earth —
Authentic. Restorative. Nurturing.


Let Sault wind you back in time to vinyl tunes and mid-century design, to long days and starry nights, to barbecues and sunset skies. Gather with friends, escape the daily grind, connect with nature, slow down, unwind. 

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A wide angle photo of the firepit area with warm afternoon sun radiating the area

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Cropped photo of Echidna bedroom showing orange duvet, terazzo bedside table, sconce light and weaved baskets on wall


Marc and Aaron combined their entrepreneurial spirit with their passion for travel and design to launch Eesome Escapes, a range of premium, short-term travel experiences across regional Australia.

View of the beach and dunes covered in tussock grass from the lookout at Flynn's Beach. Two surfers can be seen in the distance


Create lasting memories. Be inspired by great design. Let your mind wander, and your thoughts unwind. This is the place you’ve been searching for, a place to discover, a space to explore. It’s time to plan your escape. Sault has everything you need for the ultimate getaway.

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A view of the main entrance to Sault, with a paved path with garden beds on each side, leading to an open gate


Bushland and wind-swept coastlines, ancient rock formations and wide-open skies, wildlife and tussock-lined tracks. A feast for all your senses.

Expect to find the same natural elements of this rugged coastline reflected in the colour palette, styling details and the choice of materials used to bring Sault back to life.

The cure for anything is salt: sweat, tears or the sea.

Sault takes the nostalgia of an Australian beach holiday, adds lux details and modern styling to create a bespoke travel experience that’s good for the soul.

Located on Phillip Island — Millowl, Bunurong Country


“Mid-century design paired with a warm, colour palette and natural materials are seriously a feast for the senses.”


★ 5.0 review